Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Diwali Recipes

Food serves an important part in the Diwali celebration. Sweet Dishes are the most popular dishes of diwali. The ladies distribute special Diwali sweets made by them on this occasion to their friends and neighbours. Snacks - both sweet and savoury - are also prepared and eaten in vast quantities Besides, different veg and non-veg dishes are also popular.Although these days people mostly buy them from shops instead of preparing them in home. We have a lot of Diwali recepies of both snacks and Diwali sweets. These mouth-watering preparations are easy to cook also. They are-
Dry Fruit KheerThis sweet dish is highly popular during the Diwali festival.
RasmalaiThere are various procedures to make rasmalai. This delicious dessert is mainly popular in West Bengal. more details visit
Gulab JamunIt's a classic and traditional Indian sweet dish.
Kaju barfiKaju barfi is one of the tastiest sweet dishes of Diwali.
Cabbage 'N carrot BhujiaThis preparation is also easy to cook and tasty.
Dahi badaThis south Indian dish is highly popular throughout India.
Masala CashewsThis can be an ideal snacks for Dewali evening.
Mini samosaMini samosa can be cooked very easily and it's tasty too.
Chhole bhatureChhole Bhature is enjoyed at any time of the day.
SandeshSandesh is a typical Bengali dish but appreciated throughout India.
Shahi PulaoThis Mughlai dish can be enjoyed in Diwali lunch or dinner.
Chicken Tikka masalaThis mouth-watering dish is also popular as Diwali dish.
Mughlai mutton KormaThis North Indian mutton preparation is popular as side dishes at any occasion.
Pista LassiThis drink is usually served after meal.
Veg pakodasThis is an easy to cook Diwali snacks.

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