Monday, October 12, 2009

Siliguri factories burn midnight oil to make Diwali

Siliguri, Oct 10 (ANI): As the festival of lights ‘Diwali’ is around the corner, the candle making factories are speeding up work to meet the demand in Siliguri.
The workers have to do overtime to churn out extra candles and earn more money.
North Bengal accounts for over 170 odd candle factories, which provide direct employment to over 3,000 workers and a living to their 20,000 dependents.
“There is a great demand for candles. For the past three months, there is a huge sale. We are not able to meet the demand,” said Radheshaym Agarwal, a candle supplier.
Huge demand for candles translates into more money. However, even though there is a huge demand for candles, this is much less than last year.
“The sale of candles is alright for Diwali. However, since Chinese electric bulbs and decorative candles, which are being imported in India, there is far less demand for small and plain candles during this Diwali as compared with last year,” said Biswanath Agarwal, another candle supplier.
The colourful Chinese lights are attractive and available in the shape of traditional earthen lamps and candles. Moreover, they are convenient to use, said Sanjay Saha, a trader of Chinese lights.
“Traditional earthen lamps have to be refilled with oil and candles have to be re-lighted when they put out. But Chinese electric lights don’t have any such problems. Once you switch it on, it continues lighting. Therefore it’s in a great demand,” Saha said.
Even though there have been reports of a very short life of Chinese lights, people in India are preferring them as they are much cheaper than available Indian lights. (ANI)

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