Monday, October 12, 2009

North meets south at Malay-Indians Diwali celebration

Oct. 12 (ANI): As Malay-Indians get ready to celebrate Deepavali in their traditional north and south Indian ways, a couple in George Town has merged both traditions to make the most of the festival of lights.
Administrative assistant Ramesh Sharma, 48, of North Indian origin, is married to Sumathi Sharma, 48, a Tamil. For the past 24 years they have been entertaining friends and relatives from both sides with a wide array of South and North Indian delicacies.
“My wife adapted well into my culture, and over the years, she has mastered the art of cooking North Indian dishes handed down by my mother as well as the South Indian ones.”On Deepavali day, Sumathi performs early morning prayers while I do them in the evening as practised by other North Indians,” the Star Online quoted him, as saying.
For Ramesh’s family, Deepavali is an auspicious occasion and no meat is served on that day.
“We prepare a variety of vegetarian dishes from both cultures with a blend of Chinese dishes such as ghee rice, vegetarian mutton kurma, Chinese stir-fried vegetables, brinjal sambal, ulam, poori, thosai, putumayam and aloo gobi, which is a must-have dish for North Indians,” said Ramesh.
Each year, at least a week before Deepavali, Sumathi and her family prepare the traditional sweets and snacks at home.
“I usually prepare the sweets and snacks about a week before Deepavali to ensure the freshness and crispiness of the snacks,” she said. (ANI) RELATED SITES

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